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RSCC-supported conference, Communications in Russia’s North, opens in Saint-Petersburg

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The event (3-4 September 2015) is hosted by the A.I.Popov Central Museum of Communications with support on the part of the Federal Agency for Communications and the Government of Saint-Petersburg. RSCC acts as General Partner of the Conference.

At the plenary session, RSCC’ Deputy-CEO for innovations, Evgeny Buidinov, gave the audience a brief overview of the results of replenishing the RSCC satellite fleet in 2011-2015, as well as prospects going forward as far as 2025, including the use of communications and broadcasting satellites on high elliptical orbit. Evgeny Buidinov talked about RSCC experience and key areas of operations in providing communications and broadcasting services, and use of ground infrastructure, throughout Russia including the Far East, the North and Arctic regions.

Presentations and contributions to discussion on Day 1 have strongly indicated that a systemized approach to social and economic development and digitalization of the remote area of Russia's Far North and Far East, and development of infrastructure to support communications over the vast northern territories of our country is the nation’s strategic task that cannot be addressed without state-of-the-art space-supported telecommunications technologies.