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RSCC starts satellite broadband services in Ka-band in Central Russia and Urals using Russia’s new satellite, Express-AM6

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The Western segment of high-speed satellite system access was commissioned in May 2016, greatly expanding the performance of the Eastern segment, operated in the territory of the Far East and Siberia since the spring of 2015.

As part of business program at the "Communication-2016" exhibition, the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is announcing the start of broadband services in the Ka-band using the Express-AM6 satellite (53° E). The satellite system of high-speed internet access uses the resources of two new Russian satellites, Express-AM5 (140° E) and Express-AM6 (53° E), currently covering the territory from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky with a total length of about 7 thousand kilometers.

Director General of RSCC Yuri Prokhorov said that "the project start in the central regions of Russia and the Urals is truly an important event for the Russian satellite communications industry. The experience and expertise accumulated by market participants, and the innovative technology platform which the operators have selected, allow us to offer the individual and business user a quality service of state-of-the-art modern high-speed broadband Internet access. Implementation of the high-speed internet access project will also contribute to greater competition and, as a consequence, improve the quality and availability to the public of broadband services throughout the territory of Russia".

About the project:

In the spring of 2015, Russian operators started to provide satellite broadband services in the Ka-band using domestic spacecraft in the Far East and Siberia. Since April 2016, the service area of ​​high-speed satellite system has expanded, now covering the Central and Southern Ural regions of our country. The service is provided via RSCC’s Express-AM6 (53° E) and Express-AM5 (140° E) spacecraft. The total length of the coverage area in the Ka-band is 7 thousand kilometers.

The innovative ​​high-speed access project generates a new market of services in the Ka-band, which allows to meet the growing demand of individuals, businesses and government agencies for availability of satellite-supported Internet access services.

The system has a distributed structure: the first start-up complex (the Eastern segment of high-speed internet access on the Express-AM5 140° E), comprising a central switching station and antenna systems, is located in the "Khabarovsk" Space Communications Center (SCC), in the RSCC’s Far Eastern branch. The second high-speed internet access complex (the Western segment of Express-AM6 53° E), consisting of a central switching station, antenna systems and network management systems, is deployed in "Dubna" SCC (Moscow Region).

RSCC partners in the high-speed internet access project are Russia’s leading satellite communications operators - Isatel, Ka-Internet, CB Iskra.