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RSCC specialists took part in ComNews round table on advancement of Russia’s VSAT market

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On March 11, 2021, Moscow hosted an annual round table on the development of the Russian VSAT market and other satellite-supported access technologies.

The event was arranged by ComNews IG. RSCC was represented by Evgeny Buidinov, Deputy General Director for Development and Operation of Communication Systems, and Mikhail Glinka, Director of the Sales Department of Operator and Corporate Solutions.

The discussion centered on the changes in the Russian market for VSAT services during the pandemic. Heads of the largest Russian satellite operator and equipment manufacturing companies discussed whether or not the growth of the VSAT mass market was indeed driven by the massive spread of telecommuting and exodus of many Russians to the suburbs. They also looked into problems of subscriber equipment deliveries both from abroad and across the regions of Russia caused by a sharp decline in air traffic.

The experts considered prospects for the future of the VSAT market. They addressed the issues of the potential impact of the emerging and fast-growing LEO constellations on the future market reconfiguration. They also debated whether or not it is worth waiting for the growth of the Russian VSAT market due to the launch of 5G cellular networks, and how will the changes in the Russian regulatory procedures affect the satellite communications market of the Russian Federation.