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RSCC specialists have attended a training program on innovations and start-up tools for corporations

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From March 25 to 27, 2019, the central office of the RSCC hosted an advanced training program Corporate entrepreneurship, innovations and start-up tools for corporations. The training program had been prepared by the Graduate School of Management and Innovation of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. It was attended by the top management of the RSCC, including the Director General and his deputies, as well as the directors of the Business Development Service and the Communication Systems Development Service.

In the course of the training, the RSCC employees familiarized themselves with elements of the theory and practice of corporate entrepreneurship, the processes of preparing and launching innovative projects, the main points of decisions-making on managing projects at early stages. The attendees also received a multi-faceted understanding of the technologies for generating innovative solutions, interacting with the start-up community and external innovation infrastructure. As part of the training course, special attention was paid to the analysis of organizational prerequisites for the creation and development of the business environment in a corporation and barriers to implementation. Methods were scrutinized of building internal business support infrastructure.