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RSCC at the seminar "Innovations in satellite communications and navigation" in Vladivostok

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The RSCC delegation took an active part in the seminar organized by Morsvyazsputnik. Evgeny Buidinov and Mikhail Glinka made presentations on promising RSCC projects for arranging communications on mobile objects and on the experience of providing satellite broadband access on sea-going ships.

Organized by Morsvyazsputnik with the partner support of the RSCC, the event took place on October 18, 2018. The seminar was attended by representatives of shipping and fishing companies, and the current and potential users of satellite communications systems at offshore facilities in the Far East.

Evgeny Buidinov, Deputy General Director for Development and Operation of Communication Systems and Mikhail Glinka, Director of Sales Department for Operator and Corporate Solutions, spoke about the promising projects of the RSCC to provide communication opportunities on mobile objects. They also shared their experience of arranging connectivity on sea-going vessels. Currently, more than 230 vessels of various classes and purposes operate in the RSCC VSAT satellite network. They provide access to the Internet, corporate LAN, VoIP-telephony, cartographic information and, in some cases, to television and radio programs.