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RSCC representatives took part in the 18th International Congress of National Association of TV & Radio Broadcasters

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Speaking at the 18th International Congress of National Association of TV & Radio Broadcasters on 20 November 2014, Sergey Plotnikov told the audience about RSCC’s activities to advance federal, regional and commercial broadcasting based on the domestic satellites. S.Plotnikov is Director of RSCC Department for information and communications technologies and multimedia services.

RSCC participates in the implementation of the Federal Target Program (FTP), Development of TV and radio broadcasting in the Russian Federation, 2009-2015. Under this govermnemt program RSCC has set up five 5 upload/transmitter stations at its Satellite Communications Centers (SCC) in the Moscow Region, and Siberian and Far East Federal Districts. RSCC has modernized its Shabolovka Technical Center for compression and multiplexing. Also, RSCC provides satellite capacity for distributing Multiplex 1. To implement the FTP, the orbital/frequency resources of the following five communications/broadcasting satellites will be used: Express-AM33, Express-AM5, Express-AM6, and the upcoming Express-AM7 and Express-AM8.

After commissioning its two new DBS satellites, Express-AT1 and Express-AT2, RSCC has considerably expanded capabilities of DTH operators and their opportunities for developing regional TV projects in Siberia and the Far East.

Also, RSCC has commissioned its own TV Platform for broadcasters. The Platform is being successfully used. The offering has proved to be in high demand in the market, enhancing RSCC’s line of value-adding services.