RSCC Representatives address the Round-Table Meeting of VSAT Market

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5 March 2020, Hotel National in Moscow hosted the round-table meeting devoted to the topical issues of development of the Russian VSAT market. The event was organized by Comnews Group in cooperation with Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC). The round-table meeting brought together the top executives of the Russian satellite and VSAT service providers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and solutions.

In the discussion, RSCC was represented by Evgeny Buydinov, Deputy Director General, and Mikhail Glinka, Head of Corporate and Operator’s Solutions Sales Department.

The round-table meeting discussed results of the VSAT market in 2019 and the prospects for 2020, the role of VSAT networks in the Russian Digital Economy National Program, maritime VSAT and the high potential non-geostationary satellite constellations. The participants of the discussion showed special interest in Express-RV Project and prospects of emerging available customer premises equipment for the new satellite constellation.