RSCC provided uninterrupted broadcasting during the Single Voting Day on September 9

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On September 9, 2018 RSCC maintained uninterrupted TV and radio broadcasts of the additional elections of State Duma members, region heads, regional parliament members, and heads of capital cities in constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

The broadcasting was made by RSCC hardware through Channel One, VGTRK and their twins on the TV and through Radio Rossii, Vesti FM, and Mayak on the radio.

Good and uninterruptible broadcasting was ensured by using the satellite constellation of RSCC, the hardware of Dubna, Medvezhyi Ozera, Khabarovsk SCC, and the compression and multiplexing facilities of Shabolovka TC.

In addition, RSCC provided 25 live streaming broadcasts for central and regional TV companies.