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RSCC at Proektoria Forum presented the case study "Satellite IoT for Digital Economy"

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On November 23-26, 2019, Yaroslavl hosted the All-Russia Forum of Professional Navigation "Proektoria 2019". The event is held under the auspices and with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. RSCC is a traditional partner of the forum, and this year company presented the case study "Satellite Internet of Things for Digital Economy".

Over the course of four days, a team of talented schoolchildren from all over Russia, together with RSCC experts, developed their own project of using satellite-based IoT in hard-to-reach regions. The kids were tasked with: using the Internet of Things and space technologies to offer a solution to one of the pressing problems of modern society. The teens developed a project for a forest fire monitoring system using autonomous drones equipped with special sensors to detect and monitor forest fires. Data from drones was transferred to the network monitoring center using communication satellites.

"Our case is one of the most interesting in the forum. Experts from RSCC plunged us head and shoulders into the satellite communications and the work of the Internet of Things. In our case study, we decided to look into the problem of forest fires in order to prevent a catastrophe like the one that occurred in Siberia in the summer of 2019. We came up with a way to set up communication between satellites and drones to ensure prompt information transfer to the EMERCOM headquarters," said Nikita Uskov, a member of the team and an 11th grade student from Belgorod.

To solve the problem, the case study participants attended a course of lectures on satellite communication systems and the Internet of Things from RSCC representatives: Evgeny Buydinov, deputy CEO for development and operation of communications systems; Vadim Zhukov, chief engineer of the Zheleznogorsk SCC; and Denis Eleferov, engineer of the Skolkovo SCC. The students also got acquainted with the work of the active IoT application in practice.

"This year, we set a critical task for the schoolchildren: to unite the concept of the Internet of Things and the capabilities of global satellite communications to create a breakthrough technological idea that could provide solutions to the applied problems of mankind, and to contribute to the active growth of the economy on completely new principles. During their work on the project, the kids demonstrated deep knowledge and sincere interest.  The team is inspired, and the guys are very nice to work with," said Evgeny Buydinov, deputy CEO of RSCC.

Quick fact:

The All-Russian Forum of Professional Navigation "Proektoria" has been held by decree of the President of Russia since 2013. It brings together experts from the biggest Russian companies and universities, the best teachers of the country and talented schoolchildren, who together solve topical issues in the field of professional orientation and self-determination.