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RSCC presented Express-RV project at the II Federal Forum “Smart Cars & Roads”

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Mikhail Glinka, Director of carrier and enterprise solutions, made a report on the “Express-RV Multifunctional Satellite Communication System: Connected Vehicles”. He also took part in the panel discussion of the session “New telecommunication and digital technologies as a catalyst for the development of a pilotless future”.

The event took place on November 29, 2018, organized by Comnews Conferences with the participation of key players of Russia’s transport industry. The main topic of the forum was digital transformation of the “Vehicle - Road Ecosystem”, the main drivers of digitization in the transport industry, and the prospects for the development of unmanned vehicles.

Attending the Forum were automakers, toll road operators, regulatory agencies, government institutions and development funds; Russian and international telecom operators; domestic developers of IT solutions and telecommunications equipment; manufacturers of solutions and equipment for IoT; insurance and leasing companies; telematic equipment suppliers; and analysts and industry experts.

Participants of the forum were greatly interested in Mikhail Glinka’s report dealing with the experience of RSCC in organizing communications on mobile platforms and described the upcoming project to build the Express-RV satellite communications system. Once in operation, the system will greatly expand the service capabilities of satellite communications on various types of transport throughout Russia.