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RSCC preparing for signing contract to manufacture Express-AMU2 for 103 degrees East

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Tendering procedures to be completed by 31 January 2014

RSCC has begun the process to select the contractor for design, development, manufacture, delivery, integration, ground processing, in-orbit tests, commissioning and lifetime orbit support of Express-AMU2 SC. The tendering procedures will be implemented and completed by 31 January 2014 the latest. The initial cost of the services under the proposed contract is 5.8bn rubles.

The performance characteristics of Express-AMU2 SC and its payload will need to be optimized for the 103 degrees East nominal orbital slot. However, the actual position of the satellite on the geo-stationary orbit may be anywhere within the arc segment between 14 degrees West and as far as 145 degrees East.

The satellite will carry 80 equivalent C- and Ku-band transponders. The Express-AMU2 service life is expected to be at least 15 years. The SC station-keeping accuracy will be maintained within 0.05 degrees relative to the longitude and latitude throughout its lifecycle. The SC Contractor will ensure integration and full compatibility of interfaces between the satellite and Proton M / Block DM-03 launcher.

The launch of Express-AMU2 SC is scheduled for 2016.