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RSCC plans to expand its equipment line in the ground-based facilities to support television and broadband data transmission services

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Russian satellite operator RSCC has conducted a series of meetings with equipment manufacturers from the Asia-Pacific region. Agreements have been reached on testing equipment in RSCC’s Space Communication Centers.

Among the other participants in the negotiations with RSCC was ST Electronics of Singapore, a leading manufacturer of solid-state transmitter power amplifiers. RSCC and ST Electronics have agreed to conduct testing of Agilis solid-state power amplifiers, which is scheduled to start at RSCC facilities in March 2017 and last up to six months. Based on the test results it will be decided on the feasibility of using Singapore-made amplifiers as part of satellite earth stations at RSCC Space Communication Centers to support television broadcasting in the C-band and broadband data transmission services in the Ka-band. At present, RSCC uses power amplifiers manufactured by an American CPI company.

RSCC continues to explore advanced technical systems manufactured by Russian and international companies specializing in satellite communication equipment. As part of its innovation effort, the Company is actively involved in joint research projects with domestic manufacturers and research organizations. The most efficient new equipment that has passed practical examination and testing by RSCC specialists will be used in the Company’s current production activities.