RSCC offers topical satellite solutions for Africa’s market of communications and broadcasting services

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At the 18th annual exhibition, AfricaCom 2015, the most important information / communications forum in Africa, to be held from 17-19 November in Capetown, Republic of South Africa, RSCC will present topical satellite-based solution aimed developing communications and broadcasting services in the region.

Today, Africa is one of the most dynamic regions of the world, and the ICT sector is playing a prime role in economic growth. Geographic expanse and insufficient terrestrial infrastructure to support communications and broadcasting make satellite-based solutions indispensable for bridging the digital inequality gap on the continent.

RSCC’s offer of comprehensive solutions to Africa is based on the three latest state-of-the-art satellites orbited in 2014-2015, Express-АМ6 (53˚E), Express-АМ7 (40˚E.) and Express-АМ8 (14˚W). These satellites cover the entire region which is particularly important for building TV platforms and generally developing TV services. The regional and pencil beams of these spacecraft are intended for handling large volumes of data at a minimal cost. The RSCC satellites also support inter-regional and intercontinental channels of communications along the Africa - Middle East - Europe track. RSCC specialists have developed satellite solutions to develop national TV broadcasting in the region, implement generic services and broadband access to the internet, support mobile operators, and build corporate networks. The orbital slots of the RSCC satellites - 14˚W, 40˚E, and 53˚E – support the requisite elevations to operate across the entire territory of the African continent. 

RSCC invites all guests and partners to visit its exposition: A1, Cape Town Convention Centre.