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RSCC now provides satellite communications and high-speed Internet access to residents of four more remote villages of Yakutia

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On 16 September, satellite communications and Internet access became available to residents of another four villages in the Arctic zone of Yakutia. Representatives of the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), and operator ArcticTelecom JSC attended the ‘switch-on’ ceremony, which was held online.

RSCC has provided the satellite capacity of the Express-AM5 (140 deg. east long.), as well as technical facilities of the Khabarovsk SCC. Specialists of ArcticTelecom JSC have installed ground equipment in the following four remote settlements: Abyi (Abyisky Ulus), Alysardakh and Betenkes (Verkhoyansk District) and Nalimsk (Srednekolymsky District) with a total population of about 2 thousand people. Plans also include connectivity for the village of Berezovka.

Nearly 150 settlements of the republic have an access to communications and the Internet using the RSCC satellites at this time. Residents of these communities are able to use telemedicine services, online-education platforms, government services, programs for distance work, and video conferencing.

Under consideration are options to secure satellite-supported connectivity to hard-to-reach but socially important locations, which is indeed the optimal solution where fiber or cellular arrangements are not practicable.

According to RSCC General Director Alexey Volin, it is a higher-priority project for the company. “We are extremely pleased with today’s event and the fact that satellite communications and the Internet will now be provided in four more settlements in Yakutia. Previously, when we were building the infrastructure for digital television, we worked closely with the government of the republic. At the time we learned how to address many important issues related to delivering and connecting equipment in hard-to-reach areas. Before year-end, we are also going to launch two satellites, Express-AMU3 and AMU7, one of which will operate in the Far East and cover Yakutia. Therefore, we have ambitious plans ahead."

Sergei Mestnikov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), then stressed that RSCC is one of the principal satellite communications operators in the country and is widely represented in Russia’s Arctic zone. “The result of our co-working is today's event, marking the commissioning of a satellite-supported network to serve the settlements of our republic. In each of them satellite communication channels are available with input/output speeds of 5 Mbit/s - 2 Mbit/s, what will secure availability of high-quality Internet communication and broadband access to the local communities”.

Andrey Rebrov, General Director of ArcticTelecom JSC, added that RSCC is a long-standing and reliable partner of the company. “We have long experience co-working with RSCC as an operator. Through the channels leased from RSCC, ArcticTelecom provides services for broadcasting regional television and radio programs to 351 settlements with 100% coverage of the entire territory of our republic. I am convinced that our project with RSCC on arranging a backbone satellite communication channel and building the last-mile infrastructure will be welcomed by the population and contribute to the social and economic development of the republic.”