RSCC Joins AVTODATA.RUS Interbranch Project Consortium

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Russian Satellite Communications Company, Russia’s operator of satellite communications, is now a member of AUTODATA.RUS, the Interbranch Project Consortium. Appropriate documents were signed by Yuri Prokhorov, RSCC Acting General Director.

The Consortium's mission is to consolidate efforts of entities in the automotive, telecommunications and IT industries, government bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, and development and innovation institutions in order to accelerate the implementation of smart transport and communication solutions in Russia. Members of the Consortium strive to meet the needs of society for mobility and transport safety.


The purpose of RSCC participation in the Consortium is to help build an ecosystem of new products and services, and scale existing ones, in the field of Autonet that would be competitive in the global market.


The entry of RSCC into the AVTODATA.RUS Consortium is another step of the Company towards creating additional opportunities for expanding the RSCC business and building an ecosystem of innovative products and services. Also important is the search for additional synergies between the advancement of modern satellite communications and the needs of entities participating in AUTODATA.RUS.


Founders of the AVTODATA Consortium include NP GLONASS, Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor), Ministry of Industry and Trade, Roscosmos State Corporation, Avtodor State Corporation, Yandex, GAZ Group, Russian Union of Auto Insurers, Skolkovo Foundation and Association of European Businesses, and other organizations and representative offices. AVTODATA’ purpose is to form a unique global array of big data in the automotive sector and to ensure a level playing field in the car market and enhance interaction between automotive platforms and external digital road infrastructure. Using this resource, domestic companies will be able to develop competitive products and service, applications for road transport users, city operators of smart transport systems and road service entities, for insurance, leasing and logistics companies and other users. The quality of such products and service will be significantly higher than what is offered by competing foreign solutions.