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RSCC invites to «SАTCOMRUS 2018: SMART SATELLITE» Conference

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The 23rd International Conference of Russia Satellite Communications Network Operators & Users, SATCOMRUS 2018 will host its participants at the Digital Business Space (DBS), Moscow, 47 Pokrovka st. The Conference will be held on October 3, 2018.

The main theme of SATCOMRUS 2018 is SMART SATELLITE: Ideas and Innovations. Conference participants will be encouraged to discuss the crucial importance of innovations and break-through ideas for the space industry today, the unique patterns of interaction between service providers and their users, the new approaches to the hardware development and to the evolvement of future communication and broadcasting satellite constellations in the context of global digital transformation of the world economy and Industry 4.0 and IoT development.

The Conference program will include five sessions. In plenary meeting speakers will discuss advanced communication satellite technologies for Russia’s digital transformation. Special emphasis will be placed on Express RV Project to boost satellite communications market. For the first time within the conference, there will be organized meetings and open-mike discussions with the representatives of leading sectoral companies and students from industrial colleges.

SATCOMRUS 2018 will enjoy participation of Russian and international satellite communication operators, TV/Radio companies and broadcasters, system integrators, leaders in communication satellite manufacture, financial institutions and underwriters as well as analysts from major Russian and international agencies, and journalists.

We invite to join as a SATCOMRUS 2018 Conference participant or partner. Please refer to for more details of the Conference and for Participation Request.