RSCC has switched broadcasting and operating networks to the new DBS satellite, Express-AT1 (56° E), and the heavy Express-AM5 (140° E) satellite

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On 22-23 April 2014, using the RSCC ground infrastructure, the Express-AT1(56° E) transponders were loaded up for transmitting NTV+ and Tricolor TV packages, including their HD content. Also, the active networks operating in various bands have been switched from Express-AM3 over to the Express-AM5 (140° E).

On 22 April 2014 RSCC transferred the NTV+ and Tricolor TV loads from the DirecTV1R satellite to the new DBS Express-AT1 satellite (56°E). Using the Skolkovo Satellite Communications Center ground facilities, RSCC has loaded 18 transponders for transmitting program packages in standard and HD formats.

In the 22-23 April timeframe the active networks operating in various bands have been switched from Express-AM3 over to Express-AM5 (140° E).

NTV+ Technical Director Oleg Kolesnikov says: “The successful orbiting of Express-AT1 satellite and the switching of the services over to the new satellite is the result of joint efforts of our companies’ specialists. Expansion of the NTV+ East package availability has noticeably boosted the number of programs accessible to residents of the Urals and Siberia. Thanks to years of cooperation between НТВ-Плюс and RSCC it is our customers that are again on the winning side, as they are getting more interesting and high-quality channels”.

“From 22 April 2014, Tricolor TV is launching full-scale operations in the Siberian region. This has become possible due to a long-expected orbiting of Express-AT1 (56°E) in March this year. The increased transponder capacity will considerably enhance TV viewing the region. The number of our channels will increase five-fold. For the first time an extended satellite package will be available, complete with about two dozen HD channels. The HD TV, a hit in Central Russia, will now have chances to grow in this region as well”, says Tricolor TV Technical Director, Igor Kotsarev.