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RSCC has started new service for Eutelsat S.A.

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In partnership with Eutelsat S.A., RSCC has deployed new ground infrastructure facilities within the Dubna Space Communications Center (SCC). They are designed to provide communication services using the Ka-band capacity of the Express-AMU1 spacecraft (36 degrees East). RSCC is responsible for securing access to the satellite segment as well as monitoring the performance of communication channels.

Currently, these services are provided using such technical facilities as the central switching station and phase 1 antenna system. In 2017, RSCC is planning to complete the commissioning of phase 2 antenna system. As a result, the new station within the SCC Dubna, built to provide services in the Ka-band using the Express-AMU1 satellite and consisting of two antenna systems and the switching station, will ensure the most advanced level of the operator and the customer service, as well as address redundancy issues.

Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy Director General for Innovative Development, has noted that "in addition to the services based on the upgraded satellite constellation, RSCC is consistently expanding its range of services to the operators using the unique capability of its teleports all over Russia. We are pleased to expand mutually beneficial partnerships with the Eutelsat company that are related to digital broadcasting, satellite broadband access, as well as control and monitoring of the spacecraft."

Kirill Yanchenko, General Director of Eutelsat Networks LLC (a subsidiary of Eutelsat S.A.), said: "The inauguration of the broadband services using the resources of the new Ka-band Express-AMU1 satellite (36 degrees East) is an important step in bridging the digital divide in Russia and implementing  Eutelsat’s global strategy of providing advanced broadband services. This project carries forward successful cooperation between Eutelsat and RSCC over the past 20 years. Alongside the satellite, the project involves the Dubna SCC ground infrastructure that belongs to RSCC. Using the capabilities of the Express-AMU1 satellite with its full coverage of the European Russia and a part of Western Siberia, as well as the services of the SkyEdge II-c multi-platform and user terminals manufactured by Gilat Satellite Networks, the Eutelsat Networks Company offers advanced high-speed communication services that meet the highest requirements not only of individual consumers, but also of business users."