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RSCC for the first time participates in the SITDEF 2019 exhibition in Lima (Peru)

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For the first time, RSCC will open a stand at the information technology exhibition SITDEF 2019, where it will demonstrate satellite solutions to implement communications and digital broadcasting projects in Latin America.

The emphasis of the RSCC exhibit is on the capabilities of the Express AM8 spacecraft operating in the westernmost Russian orbital position of 14 degrees west. The satellite provides stable coverage of the territories of South American and the Caribbean states. The satellite ensures reliable and high-quality connectivity in any geographic conditions, enabling its effective use for deployment of communication networks in the shortest possible time in emergency areas and hard-to-reach locations.

SITDEF International Salon took place in Lima, Peru from May 16 to 19, 2019. The bi-annual event was inaugurated in 2007. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote implementation of new technologies and research findings in areas of interest to the army, police, emergency ministries, firefighters and other rapid reaction forces. The theme of the exhibition is aviation and avionics, communications, engineering and health care equipment, including special equipment and for prevention of natural calamities and disasters.

We invite you to visit the RSCC booth No. 144, pavilion Inka.