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RSCC experts' view of satellite communications market situation and specifics in COVID pandemic

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Global lockdown and forced self-isolation measures have changed the balance of power in most sectors of the world economy. How the global pandemic affects high-tech markets, what trends are on track and what challenges are faced by satellite communication operators in Russia and worldwide – those are the topics discussed by RSCC experts in a pack of materials prepared exclusively for SATCOMRUS info portal.

How has the pandemic affected the TV viewing market? During the first months of self-isolation, the audience grew exponentially, but experts are skeptical: the viewer constantly demands novelty, and the production of new content has been paused. Meanwhile, the advertising demand is falling. The way out can be unexpected for operators. Read more at

Is 5G future already here? The new standard is on the way, but 4G is still the king in the telecom industry so far. The introduction of 5G will require large capital expenditures from operators. Whether the market is ready and how substantial 5G contribution will be: read more at

How can a satellite operator develop its business in Africa, a region where almost half of the world's population with no access to mobile communications is concentrated but the buying power is decreasing every year? Read more at

The pandemic has evinced another serious problem: a huge increase in cybercrime. What to do with the ever-growing pirated video content market? First responses of major operators and media market players are here. Experts believe this problem can only be solved by changing the business model of monetization of intellectual property and content. Read more at

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