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RSCC at the Enlarged Meeting of Rossvyaz and other events of the Russian Week of High Technologies 2018 at the Expocentre

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Moscow Expocentre hosted the Enlarged Meeting of Rossvyaz on 2017 results on April 25, 2018. According to the performance results and in anticipation of the Radio Day, the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation Nikolay Nikiforov and the Head of the Federal Communications Agency Oleg Dukhovnitsky granted departmental awards, including to RSCC employees. A certificate of honor of the Federal Communications Agency was awarded to Yuri Tsyganov, senior electromechanic of radio and television of the Bear Lakes Satellite Communications Center (SCC).

The letter of acknowledgement of the Federal Communications Agency was granted to Roman Romanov, the leading engineer of the Digital Channel Reception and Formation Department of the Skolkovo SCC, and Mikhail Kostyuk, the shift manager of the Operational Management Department of CSOS.

At the «SVIAZ-2018» Show held during the Russian Week of High Technologies in Moscow on April 24-27, 2018, RSCC presented its exposition “Satellite Technologies for New Victories” dedicated to the upcoming 2018 World Cup in Russia. At the official opening of the event, RSCC’ stand was visited by the Head of Rossvyaz Oleg Dukhovnitsky and his deputies Igor Chursin, Roman Sheredin, Vladimir Shelikhov and Dmitry Panyshev. The First Deputy Director General of Russian Satellite Communications Company Alexander Ganin told Oleg Dokhovnitsky about the current state and prospects of the development of RSCC’ orbital satellite constellation, the progress in the implementation of the Ka-band broadband satellite access to data resources in Russia and presented a project of the highly elliptical orbit satellite communication system.

The highlight of the first day at the show was a series of presentations arranged on RSCC’s stand with the participation of its partners – Iskra Group and Raduga-Internet. The main topics were the provision of modern communication services on sea vessels and Ka-band satellite broadband projects. The guests listened to speeches of Andrey Abramov, Manager of the Operator and Corporate Solutions Sales Department, RSCC, Svetlana Sirotkina, the Director General of Raduga-Internet LLC, and Andrey Dolzhenko, Communications Director of Iskra Group.

On the second day of the Russian Week of High Technologies, Telesputnik Awards, the first prizes for the satellite industry’s specialists, were granted. Evgeny Buydinov, Deputy Director General for the Development and Operation of Communication Systems, was awarded as the Person of the Year for his personal contribution to the development of the VSAT market.

As part of the marathon of events at the Week of High Technologies, representatives of RSCC took part in the Great Media-Communication Forum, the International Navigation Forum and the International Forum of the International Public Communications Academy. Moreover, RSCC traditionally acted as a partner of the International Navigation Forum.