RSCC distinguished “Yamal-Region” television channel with special award “Golden Ray”

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On November 20th, with the support of Russian Satellite Communications Company Moscow hosted solemn anniversary ceremony of X National “Golden Ray” Award for achievements in satellite, cable, and Internet television. Since 2009, this award has been given to off-air thematic television channels, broadcasted via satellite, cable, or Internet-providers in Russian language. The founder of award is the “National Association of Television Broadcasters”.

Ksenia Drozdova, the Deputy Director General, awarded a special prize of Russian Satellite Communications Company “For Development of Satellite Television in Russia” to the Regional State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (RSTRBC) “Yamal-Region” (Salekhard city). In her speech, Ksenia Drozdova emphasized the special significance of regional television channels in informing Russian citizens during the period of global digitalization of the modern society.

RSTRBC “Yamal-Region” is the largest television and radio broadcasting company in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. It comprises the First Arctic television channel Yamal-Region, Yamal radio and Internet resource The company is broadcasting 24/7 and offers a number of in-house produced programs in both the Russian language and the languages of indigenous small ethnic communities of the North. Its broadcasting covers 96% of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region, almost all of Russia, as well as the countries neighboring the CIS and bordering with it.

The unique feature of this television channel is the combination of documentary materials and feature films with relevant and high-quality information broadcasting.