RSCC discussed prospects and trends in the communications infrastructure development on the African continent at the “Connecting Africa” conference

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On November 14, 2018, at the exhibition-forum AfricaCom 2018, Andrei Kirillovich, Director of the RSCC Department for Integration Services and Integrated Projects, took part in a panel discussion on the growing needs in throughput capability of communication network in Africa and solutions aimed at meeting this demand.

Topics discussed included advancement of the infrastructure for new-generation Internet applications, the prospects for building 5G networks in Africa in the context of ongoing investments by African cellular operators in 3G networks, the role of satellite communications in expanding availability of broadband access and services for private users and businesses, and the points of growth for satellite and ground operators and service providers over the next five - ten years.

Andrei Kirillovich spoke about the solutions and services that the RSCC offers to build a reliable communications infrastructure on the African continent, including for the corporate and public sector, in the interests of operators and TV broadcasters, and also for cellular companies and Internet service providers.

Participating in the discussion alongside the RSCC were representatives of the largest African mobile operators Airtel and MTN, the Altman Advisory consulting company, and another satellite operator Intelsat.

Panelists agreed that satellite solutions still play a key role in reducing digital inequality on the African continent.