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RSCC to develop business in Myanmar

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In the second half of November 2016, pursuing the strategy of expansion into new foreign markets, including South and Southeast Asia, RSCC and Satis, a Russian satellite services operator, delivered a number of presentations and workshops on satellite communications in the cities of Naypyidaw and Yangon (Myanmar).

Presentations and technical workshops for commercial  and public users of satellite communication services were arranged in Myanmar’s capital city Naypyidaw and in Yangon, the country’s main business center. The events were attended by leaders and executives of engineering and operating departments of television broadcasting companies, government agencies, private and public communication service providers, as well as the country’s mobile network operators. At the workshops, RSCC’s counterparts from Myanmar had a chance to learn about the services and solutions in the field of corporate and governmental VSAT networks, trunk and standby channels, television broadcasting, and remote cellular base stations binding services offered by Satis in Myanmar via RSCC satellites. The main advantage of Russian satellites, specifically Express-AM5 satellite in the orbital slot of 140°E, is the fact that they use redirecting beams in the C- and Ku-band that guarantee full coverage in Myanmar with maximum energy performance. High-performance transponders installed on Express-AM5 satellite enable both using 1.2 meter antennas (Ku-band) in this tropical region and employing the most advanced and effective modulation and encoding methods for increasing spectral efficiency and reducing the cost of communication channels on the Russian satellite.

Workshop participants from Myanmar highly praised the full range of services offered by Russian companies and bid welcome to their ambition of expansion into the country’s market.

Bilateral meetings ended in a number of accords to test communication channels and launch pilot projects in the field of satellite communications and broadcasting in Myanmar using the resources of RSCC’s orbital satellite fleet.