RSCC Deputy Director General Evgeny Buidinov spoke at the Open Innovation forum

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In the panel discussion, Space Services: New Horizons, which took place on October 26, 2016, Evgeny Buidinov shared RSCC’s vision on promising directions of satellite services development.

The Open Innovation Forum was held on 26-28 October 2016 in Moscow’s Skolkovo Technopark. The session on Space Services: New Horizons, which was attended by Deputy Director General for innovative development of RSCC Evgeny Buidinov, was devoted to discussing new products and services, as well as current trends in venture capital and institutional investment in products and services using the results of space activities.

According to Evgen Buidinov, "Today people want to be online wherever they are, on the road and at work, and traveling over long or short distances. Therefore, communication development projects for moving objects, including planes, trains, ships, and the Internet in the most remote and hard-to-reach places are advancing most dynamically. Young people would not go where Internet is not available. We use such demand to push ahead the development of new satellite services."