RSCC conducted a demo lesson on satellite communications as part of the All-Russian Forum ‘The Future Intellectual Leaders of Russia’

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The Forum ‘The future intellectual leaders of Russia’, which opened September 1, 2017 in Yaroslavl, brought together over 500 talented high school students from all over Russia - winners of Olympiads and competitions in the field of sciences and technology, holders of patents and inventors - for joint virtual tours around the world of the most relevant specialties that are in high demand.

The Forum was attended by the President of the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin conducted an open demo lesson for gifted high school students on the subject of ‘Russia looking to the future’. The head of state also toured the stands and laboratory platforms of Russia’s leading IT corporations, operators and companies. He also visited the exhibit put up by the Federal Communications Agency and its subordinate organizations.


The head of Rossvyaz Oleg Dukhovnitsky delivered a presentation on the Federal Communications Agency and the industry as a whole to a group of young participants who chose the IT cluster as their area of occupational interest. His presentation dealt with state-of-the-art technologies, the current development areas in infocommunication, and the training of relevant personnel in the Rossvyaz – related universities. The CEO of NIIR (Radio Research Institute) Valery Butenko further explained to the children the today’s trends and main vectors of thrust in the industry development.


In the thematic cluster ‘Space Technologies’ within the laboratory zone of the Forum, the RSCC specialists set up a demo lesson on satellite communications. Yevgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy Director General for Innovative Development, gave a talk to the schoolchildren about the basic principles of space communication systems, and the history of domestic satellite communications and broadcasting industry, which this year will mark its 50th anniversary. At the end of the lesson, an intellectual quiz was organized, during which the participants of the demo lesson demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the basic principles of radio, astronomy, and space communications.