RSCC at the "Communication in the Russian North" conference

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Moscow hosted the 6th "Communication in the Russian North" conference organized by the Connect Publishing House with the support of the Federal Communications Agency. RSCC was the general partner of the conference.

The conference was opened by Roman Sheredin, deputy head of Rossvyaz, who read the welcoming speech from Oleg Dukhovnitsky, head of the institution, to the participants.  Panel discussions of the plenary session at the conference were attended by Evgeny Buydinov, RSCC Deputy Director General for Development and Operation of Communication Systems. Mikhail Glinka, Director of RSCC Operator and Corporate Solutions Department, spoke on prospective trends of development of RSCC satellite communication systems in the Arctic and Far North regions.

The main topics of the "Communication in the Russian North" conference this year were: state policy in communications and broadcasting in the Arctic zone of Russia and in Far North territories, development of the program for bridging the digital gap and creating Internet hot spots in villages with less than 100 inhabitants in northern regions, progress of the Express-RV project and preparation for the launch of satellites to highly elliptical orbit, creation of telecom infrastructure to support the business of industrial and shipping enterprises in Far North conditions and in the Arctic zone of Russia, and deployment of advanced communication and broadcasting technologies in hard climatic conditions.

The 6th "Communication in the Russian North" conference brought together communication industry professionals operating in the northern areas of the country – representatives of administrations and establishments of Arkhangelsk region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Khabarovsk Krai, and representatives of federal and regional communication providers, experts of large industrial holdings and companies, and research institutes.