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RSCC arranges transmissions of TV coverage from Olympic Sochi

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The coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games is provided via Express-АМ44 and RSCC ground infrastructure

RSCC has made the capacity of Express-АМ44 (11 degrees West) available for transmitting video footage from correspondents and the sites of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. SD and HD formats are used within Russia’s territory in the interests of such RSCC partner companies as RBC-TV and Sports Broadcasting (the Panorama HD brand), the latter being a Russian TV production company and the official broadcaster of the Olympic Games.

Also, RSCC supports transmissions of Olympic TV footage to Western Europe on orders from European TV companies jointly with international operators, Romantis GmbH (Germany) and Castor Broadcasting (Holland).

Before the Olympic Games commencement at Sochi, RSCC and ОАО Channel One launched their joint project to transmit video material from Channel One correspondents using RSCC’s ground infrastructure. Reception of online coverage in HD format is organized at the Skolkovo Satellite Communications Center. From there the signal is transmitted by way of a proprietary network to the Shabolovka Technical Center, and from there directly to the Channel One studios at Ostankino. The solution is peculiar in that a dedicated satellite voice channel is provided, as well as TV signal control.