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RSCC arranged satellite broadcasts of Vladimir Putin’s New Year address in all time zones of Russia

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In conjunction with AO Pervyi Kanal ("First Channel") and RTRS (Russian TV and Radio Network), RSCC mounted massive efforts to prepare the transmission of the above address via the RSCC satellites using six additional television streams of the Pervyi Kanal in the odd time zones of Russia.

To ensure high quality and reliability of the signal transmission, test broadcasts were performed in December 2017 of TV-streams from the Pervyi Kanal via the RSCC ground and space infrastructure to the receiving network of the RTRS.


As a result, the population of 15 regions across the Russian Federation, from the Kaliningrad region to Kamchatka, were given the opportunity, along with all other Russians, to see President Vladimir Putin’s New Year address at 23:55 local time on December 31, 2017.


To generate and deliver the additional television traffic flows from the Pervyi Kanal to the RTRS receiving network, the Express-AM7, Express-AM6, Express-AM33, and Express-AM5 spacecraft were used, as well as the following RSCC ground-based technical facilities: Center for generation of multimedia streams of the Shabolovka Technical Center, and the Medvezhyi Ozyora Satellite Communications Center.