RSCC and Morsvyazsputnik have signed an agreement on joint use of Express-RV prospective satellite communication system

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On May 25, 2018, the FGUP RSCC and FGUP Morsvyazsputnik signed a cooperation agreement on the use of the advanced satellite communication system in high-elliptical orbits sing Express-RV satellites.

RSCC and Morsvyazsputnik have expressed their interest in providing new satellite communications services, including broadband Internet access on the road, rail, river, sea, and air transport throughout the Russian Federation, as well as in the entire Arctic region of the northern hemisphere of our planet. Under the terms of the signed agreement, the parties also consider the possibility of jointly working out the options for further integration of special equipment into the payload of the Express-RV satellites to support the operation of the international COSPAS-SARSAT rescue system.

"The Express-RV multifunctional satellite communication system will make it possible to successfully solve problems in the development of communication systems, provide affordable services throughout the country, and tackle the tasks of digital transformation in Russia, as set forth in the Presidential Decree of May 7, 2018," noted RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov. "Also, the Express-RV system will provide broadband services to users in the northern territories of Russia and other member countries of the Arctic Council, as well as the North Pole, including international scientific research expeditions."

In the words of Morsvyazsputnik General Director of Andrey Kuropyatnikov, "The Express-RV satellite communications system will create an autonomous national telecommunications infrastructure that will ensure stable connectivity in the Arctic, which is especially important today in the context of the dynamically developing national oil, gas and transport projects."

About the Express-RV project:

The northern geographical location of our country and poor observability of geostationary satellites in the northern latitudes do not support reliable provision of satellite communications on mobile objects and within territories with complex terrain. The Express-RV multifunctional communication and broadcasting system, developed by the RSCC jointly with the domestic communications and space industry, offers a fundamental solution. In so doing, favorable conditions are created for receiving satellite communication services, including broadband access to the Internet, anywhere in the country and in the Arctic region at stationary and mobile objects of road, rail, river, sea, and air transport.