RSCC and ChronoSat GmbH expand cooperation in the provision of satellite communications services in the Middle East

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An accord to this effect was signed at the CABSAT-2019 exhibition in Dubai (UAE) currently in progress. The RSCC and ChronoSat GmbH (Germany) signed an agreement on the use of more than 100 MHz of the Express-AM7 spacecraft for providing communication services in the Middle East.

Collaboration between RSCC and ChronoSat GmbH (Germany) got under way in 2017, when the European company began to use the capacity of the Express-AM7 heavy-class satellite. At that same year, at the South African exhibition AfricaCom, the RSCC and ChronoSat GmbH in the presence of the Head of the Federal Agency of Communications Oleg Dukhovnitsky signed a strategic agreement on broader cooperation.

General Director of ChronoSat GmbH Konstantin Ryabtsev says: “Over the two years of our successful cooperation, we have become convinced of the highest professionalism of the RSCC team and the quality of services provided using spacecraft of the Russian orbital group. We intend to further expand our cooperation in the near future.”

Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance of the RSCC Denis Pivnyuk noted that “agreements reached earlier on advancing cooperation are being successfully implemented and the RSCC very much appreciates the ChronoSat GmbH as a reliable and dynamically developing partner. I am confident that our successful interaction will allow both our companies to strengthen their positions in the satellite communications market.”