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RSCC acts as general partner of “Communications in the Russian North” conference

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Organized with the support of the Federal Communications Agency, the event has offered a platform to discuss topical issues of developing networks and modern communication services in the Far North and the Arctic region.

The Fourth Annual Conference "Communications in the Russian North" was held on 15-16 September 2016 in Sochi. The main purpose of the forum was to develop proposals and recommendations aimed at enhancing the efficiency of ICT infrastructure and the provision of telecommunications services in the interests of general public, the state, and business in the Far North.

The issues discussed at the conference included the state policy in the field of communications and broadcasting in Russia’s Arctic zone and in the territories of the Far North; large infrastructure projects of backbone networks and communication channels; elimination of the "digital divide"; development of operator business; the building of telecommunications infrastructure to support industrial and transport enterprises in the Far North and in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation; and the use of advanced communications and broadcasting technologies in difficult climatic conditions.

Participating in the conference "Communications in the Russian North" was  Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy General Director for Innovative Development. A report on RSCC’s major areas of activities and the projects currently being implemented in the Arctic region of the Russian Federation was made by Mikhail Glinka, Head of RSCC Department for innovative projects. It was with great interest that the participants heard about the project to build a satellite communications and broadcasting system based on satellites in highly elliptical orbits.