Relying on its own capacities: RSCC transfers over 1500 MHz of networks of Russian operators from foreign satellites to its own vehicles

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At the XXVII International Conference of Operators and Users of the Russian Satellite Communications Network — SATCOMRUS 2022, Alexey Volin, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company, spoke about the challenges the Russian satellite industry faced in the new economic conditions and how it managed to cope with them.

“At a time when foreign satellite operators refuse service to many Russian customers, payload manufacturers suddenly cancel multi-year contracts, and ground equipment suppliers stop servicing it, there comes an awareness of the need to rely on one’s own capacities. This overlays with two business areas of large foreign operators: military, intelligence and government agencies become the main customer of Western operators, while market players are consolidated and enlarged,” said Alexey Volin.

The Russian satellite industry has so far been able to adequately respond to all these challenges. Thus, loading of Russian spacecraft has noticeably increased. “We managed to quickly provide service on our satellites, with a number of customers transferred literally in a matter of hours. Only RSCC transferred over 1500 MHz of networks of Russian operators from foreign spacecraft to its own vehicles,” said the Director General of Russian Satellite Communications Company.