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At the Proektoria Forum, RSCC presented a case study to determine the optimal satellite communications system for northern regions of Russia and the Arctic

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RSCC took part in the All-Russian Career Guidance Forum 'Proektoria' held in Yaroslavl on December 11-14, 2018. The forum brought together the best schoolchildren from all over the country, leading experts from major Russian companies and universities and teachers to address urgent career guidance and self-determination issues. On December 13, the forum was attended by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

He held an open lesson on the topic “Breakthrough Directions”, which, due to the broadcast on the Internet, has been watched by more than two million senior pupils from more than 20 thousand schools in Russia.

On the same day, the RSCC pavilion in the laboratory area of the forum, where children took classes, was attended by the Head of the Federal Communications Agency Oleg Dukhovnitsky.

During the four days of the forum, a team of students — gifted children from all over the country — together with RSCC experts (Deputy General Director Yevgeny Buidinov and Chief Engineer and Deputy Director of Zheleznogorsk SCC Vadim Zhukov) conducted a business analysis of advanced satellite communications systems for northern regions of Russia and the Arctic. In the case study presented by RSCC, the schoolchildren considered financial and technical models of various satellite constellations in geostationary, low and highly elliptical orbits. Special attention was paid to the Express-RV multifunctional satellite communication system project. After defining a criteria system, the case study participants calculated and selected the best satellite system for this region - in highly elliptical orbits.

According to the result, Danil Subbotin from Chelyabinsk Region, a pupil of the 11th form, received the main prize for his initiative and creative approach to solving the task. He received a certificate for the installation of a satellite equipment kit with a 0.74m antenna.   The second place was taken by Fedor Prikhodko from Irkutsk Region, who was invited to participate in the conference “Business Dialogue. Satellite Internet”, which RSCC plans to hold in Irkutsk next year. All participants of the case study were awarded incentive prizes.