Outlines of the new cooperation: in 2022, despite the sanctions, five completely domestically made communication space vehicles were launched into production

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In 2022, the industry had to develop new approaches to the production of satellites. It has finally become clear that it is necessary to work out the possibility of creating satellites with a completely domestic payload, said Alexey Volin, General Director of Russian Satellite Communications Company, at the SATCOMRUS 2022 conference.

“In the summer we held a tender and signed a contract for the new spacecraft Express-AMU4 in the position of 11°W with Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems JSC. The satellite is being created in cooperation with more than ten Russian companies. Work has also begun on the creation of four Express-RV satellites for a highly elliptical orbit, which will also be entirely domestically-made. The customer is Roscosmos, but the project is not unfamiliar to RSCC, as we have been working on it for many years. Today we are in close contact with our colleagues and are always ready to give advice to them,” said Alexey Volin.

Thus, despite the sanctions, the industry continues to actively develop – and not only in GEO. This is also confirmed by the Sphere program, new GLONASS and Gonets vehicles, as well as the two large system projects of Sitronics for maritime navigation and remote sensing.