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On 27-28 May 2014 RSCC delegation attended the 42nd joint session of Intersputnik Board and 17th session of Intersputnik Operations Committee

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Ksenia Yu.Drozdova, Deputy-Director General for Business Development, reelected Chairperson of Intersputnik Operations Committee for another three-year term.

On 27-28 May, 2014, Budapest (Hungary) hosted the 42nd joint session of Intersputnik (Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications) Board and 17th session of Intersputnik Operations Committee. Invited by Hungary’s ministry for national development, representatives of the following member counties were in attendance: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Czech Republic. Russia was represented by an RSCC delegation headed by General Director Yuri V.Prokhorov.

An important agenda item of the event was the reelection of RSCC Deputy Director-General for Business Development – Head of Business Development Service, Kseniya Drozdova, to the post of Chairperson of Intersputnik Operations Committee for another three-year term.

Intersputnik International Organization of Space Communications

INTERSPUTNIK was established in 1971 pursuant to an Agreement on the Establishment of the Intersputnik International System and Organization of Space Communications. Intersputnik is an international intergovernmental organization headquartered in Moscow. The purpose of the Organization is (i) to facilitate closer relations in the areas of economy, science & technology, and culture via satellite-supported telecommunications, radio and TV broadcasting, and (ii) to ensure cooperation and coordination of efforts among member-countries in order to design, create, operate, and further develop the international satellite communications system. INTERSPUTNIK membership is open to the government of any state sharing the Organization’s principles. Currently INTERSPUTNIK groups 26 countries.

INTERSPUTNIK operates an international satellite communications system and leases the frequency capacity of its 22 geostationary telecommunications satellites to telecommunications operators, broadcasters and corporate customers under agreements with partner operators as well as providing full-scale services for the establishment and operation of satellite networks through its subsidiary Intersputnik Holding, Ltd.   

As part of the long-term cooperation with RSCC, INTERSPUTNIK offers its customers the services of the Russian Express-series satellites. The Organization is Authorized Distributor of satellite resources and services for the European operator Eutelsat, and provides marketing and sales of satellite capacity for ABS, Intelsat, SES, Chinasat, and Gazprom Space Systems while constructively cooperating with other regional and national satellite communications operators.

Taking advantage of its intergovernmental organization status, INTERSPUTNIK has obtained its own orbital-frequency resource in a number of geostationary slots, utilizing it for implementing joint satellite communications projects with interested parties.

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