Oil Review Africa: The role of satellite service provider in bringing value to IOT solution.

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Andrey Kirillovich, Director for integration services and complex projects, RSCC, talks about connectivity services that can bring more value to Oil and Gas companies.

There is a lot said about IoT and Industrial Internet nowadays and satellite applications for it. Meanwhile Oil&Gas sector has been doing SCADA, via satellite successfully for many years, which can be regarded as IoT. The prices of satellite connectivity have been dropped dramatically recently, allowing oil& gas companies to increase significantly the throughput at their remote inland and offshore drilling sites under existing contracts. The amount of data received from the sites is constantly increasing, but for satellite connectivity service providers it is important to work closer with their customers to ensure that oil companies are using the increased loads of information wisely.

In IoT the value is not only in connecting the sensor to the network. It is the data collected from the site that has got the key value. That is why satellite service providers in order to add value to their connectivity services can cooperate with industry and in addition to connectivity offer a convenient platform for collecting, storing and delivering data from site to HQ. A good example is described in a recent study on IoT done by McKinsey. In reality there is often a big gap between data collected on site and data analyzed at the HQ.

According to McKinsey survey, on one oil rig the applications running on it were configured in a very specific way and less than 1% of the collected data was used in the operation process. Mainly because this missing data was never transferred from the rig. This means almost 99% of data collected from thousands of sensors was simply lost on their way to the analytic center. As a result, owners of the oil rig have not received the efficiency they expected after implementation of IoT solution.

In the old days data transmission problems could be explained by expensive satellite traffic, but nowadays data transmission costs are brought down significantly. That is why satellite service providers shall work closely with their customers on full implementation of IoT solutions to ensure all collected data is stored and transmitted. This will increase the overall traffic and help the customer getting better feedback from IoT implementation.

RSCC is the main supplier of satellite bandwidth and solutions to Oil&Gas companies in Russia. The company has recently extended its satellite coverage to entire African continent and plans to implement most advanced solutions for Oil&Gas sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oil Review Africa, issue 6, 2016