Nothing lost in translation: RSCC organized videoconferencing during Russian-Chinese Magika Festival

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RSCC arranged satellite communications for a Russian-Chinese Magika Festival, held by the animation technopark of Don State Technical University (DSTU).

The festival was held September 23 — 29 in the village of Divnomorskoye, Krasnodar Territory. Thus, the partners from China were virtual guests of the meeting, participating online in all the events.

Videoconference using the satellite channel was active on September 26-28. Students talked with representatives of Chinese animation studios, schools and universities of digital arts. They also listened to the speech given by Li Chi, deputy editor-in-chief of China's political newspaper

According to Alexey Volin, RSCC General Director, “with help of satellite communications, it is possible to address many social problems in completely different areas. Satellite solutions work successfully in the situations when the capabilities of terrestrial communication channels are limited. Given the educational and international aims of the festival, the satellite communication systems have promoted education, exchange of experience and intercultural cooperation”.

The Magika Festival is included in the work plan of the subcommittee on media cooperation of the Russian-Chinese Commission on Humanitarian Cooperation for 2021-2022. During the festival, students created game concepts, 2D and 3D animation, as well as videos with elements of motion design and comics. They also invented their own media formats and, with its help, tried to solve current problems of online learning.