Nobody but us: RSCC is the only Russian operator with expertise in providing communications services for unmanned navigation

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Attendees of SATCOMRUS 2021, the XXVI international conference of operators and users of satellite communications and broadcasting network in the Russian Federation, have discussed the issues of using satellite communications for the digital transformation of the economy and society.

In his speech, Alexey Volin, General Director of the Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC), spoke about the top-priority tasks to be addressed by the satellite communications industry in the near future, such as the Internet for residents of remote small settlements, connectivity for the entire Arctic zone of the Russian Federation, including the Northern Sea Route, advancement of maritime services, and entry into new international markets.

“We provide communication services on land and sea. And we will expand such services. Today as many as 384 vessels, including 20 ice-class ships, enjoy access to Internet, local networks, telephony, and cartographic data. A new area of our focus is unmanned navigation, which can radically change the industry of sea and oceanic cargo transportation and bring great benefits not only to shipowners, but also to the economy as a whole. Since 2018, we have been honing the technology of such service together with the shipowners and other participants in the pilot project. And today, RSCC is the only Russian operator that has expertise in providing telecom services for autonomous navigation,"- stressed Alexey Volin.

The participants in the SATCOMRUS 2021 plenary discussion also raised such issues as transforming the telecommunications sector, the prospects for the 5G network and capabilities of the Internet of Things, the future of the augmented reality market in the telecom context, the tasks of developing a new transport infrastructure, and other industry challenges.