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Moscow-Washington Hotline link celebrates 50 years of operations that started on August 30, 2013

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Fifteen years on, the Hotline began to use the space segment.

Back on August 30th, 1963 the Kremlin and the White House established a direct telephone connection, dubbed the “Hotline”. In the aftermath of the Caribbean Crisis (known in the West as Cuban Missile Crisis) political instability reached its peak. Relations between Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy became crucial for the world, and the direct government telephone link between the United States and the Soviet Union leaders was a first step towards relaxation of tensions.

The link was originally operated through the cable laid on the ocean floor and was duplicated up by a shortwave retransmitter in Tangiers, and from 1978 onwards the Hotline became a satellite link. Technical support for the Hotline was provided by RSCC specialists and their US colleagues via the Intersputnik system, using the facilities of the Dubna Satellite Communications Center in Russia and the satellite station in Fort Detrick in Pennsylvania.

At the RSCC facilities at Dubna and Vladimir there are still some specialists who were directly involved in setting up the legendary Hotline link. RSCC management and personnel are paying a tribute to their colleagues on the occasion of this significant 50th anniversary and convey thanks for their selfless work in the interests of the country and company.