Moscow hosts a joint meeting of RSCC / ISS Reshetnev R&D Board

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On February 7, 2019, a regular joint RSCC / ISS Reshetnev meeting was held of the two organizations’ respective R&D Boards. Such meetings have become a tradition, and they are highly appreciated by the parties, as they provide a powerful incentive to work together on the most challenging issues of building next generation spacecraft.

The meeting was opened by Yury Prokhorov, the General Director of the RSCC, and Nikolay Testoedov, General Director of the ISS Reshetnev Company. The meeting addressed the issues of building space platforms and payloads of the future heavy Express-AMU series spacecraft. In due course, the spacecraft are expected to be used for replacing the currently flying Express-AM series satellites. Involvement of a potential manufacturer in the early stages of design efforts will make it possible to maximize the use of the Express 2000 platform capabilities and assess the feasibility of the technical solutions chosen by the client, and identify potential service areas and energy parameters.

The meeting also provided opportunities for useful exchanges on other promising projects of the RSCC.