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In Minsk, RSCC discussed prospects for cooperation with scientific and industrial entities of the Republic of Belarus

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In the first half of August, an RSCC delegation was in Minsk on a working visit, where it negotiated with scientific and industrial enterprises of the Republic of Belarus with a view to expanding cooperation. In the course of the meetings, the RSCC presented its innovative projects that are of potential interest for Belorussian colleagues, including the latest high-demand satellite communications and broadcasting services developed and implemented by the RSCC.

Representatives of the RSCC held a meeting with the top executives of the High-Tech Park (HTP), which is a special economic zone of the Republic of Belarus. For its part, the HTP presented detailed information on the structure of the High-Tech Park, the competencies of the companies that are part of the park and the organizational principles of potential interaction. During the meeting with the NTLab company, a world-class design center specializing in microelectronics, the participants discussed prospects for further cooperation.

A great interest among businessmen in attendance was sparked by the RSCC presentation regarding communication arrangements on mobile objects, technical problems generally and requirements for the equipment currently under development. The National Academy of Sciences organized a meeting for the RSCC with potential consumers of satellite communication services on mobile platforms. Several enterprises were represented at the meeting, the largest of them being the MAZ and BELAZ production associations. Meetings were also held with OJSC AGAT Management Systems, which is the managing company of the Geoinformation Management Systems holding, OJSC KB Radar, the managing company of the Radar Systems holding, and the RPUE Plant of Precise Electromechanics.

The RSCC presentation aroused lively interest. A detailed discussion took place on the technical aspects of the proposed projects.