"M.I. Krivosheev: participation in the development of mass TV broadcasting" - an exhibition at Ostankino TV Center

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On May 25, 2018, the Ostankino TV Center hosted the opening of an exhibit dedicated to the participation of Professor Mark Iosifovich Krivosheev in the development of television broadcasting technology in the period 1945-2018. The opening ceremony was attended by Alexander Ganin, RSCC First Deputy General Director, and Konstantin Mustafidi, Adviser to General Director.

Mark Iosifovich Krivosheev is one of the most famous Russian scientists in the field of television technology. In 1948, he pioneered the airing of a TV image signal per what was known as "625 lines standard”, assuring the highest-quality available at that time. In 1962, M.I. Krivosheev directed the development of the television complex for the Molniya satellite communication system, and in 1980 he took charge of developing the TV complex for signal transmission to support the Olympics-80. Prof. Krivosheev’s greatest accomplishments are associated with his international activities. Under his leadership, the 11th Research Commission of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has developed more than 150 international recommendations on TV broadcasting, many of which have become de facto international standards in the industry.

In many respects, it is thanks to his outstanding successes and selfless work that a digital multiprogram TV has become technically available throughout the vast territory of Russia to practically all of its population. M.I. Krivosheev is not only a witness, but also an active participant in virtually all significant stages in the development of technological aspects of the country’s TV industry.

The exhibit presents historical documents and materials, including some from Professor Krivosheev’s personal archive of. The exhibit provides an authoritative overview of numerous significant facts and events of a more than 70-year history of TV broadcasting in Russia and in the world.