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At the meeting of the Arctic Council, the RSCC presented a broadband satellite communications solution for the Arctic

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On 22-23 March 2018, the Arctic Council met in Levi, Finland, located beyond the Arctic Circle, for second meeting of Senior Arctic Officials. The Russian Federation was represented at the meeting by the RSCC. The RSCC invited the countries of the Arctic region to share the infrastructure of the prospective Express-RV advanced satellite project.

The Express-RV project of the satellite constellation to be positioned in the highly elliptical orbit (HEO) is planned, as part of the Russian Federal Space Program, to be implemented in 2019-2022 in the format of a public-private partnership.

The technical parameters of the project will make it possible to set up broadband satellite communications for fixed and mobile applications throughout Russia and the Arctic. Coverage will include northern latitudes above 80 degrees, where geostationary communication systems cannot provide stable service to subscribers due to limitations of the satellite observability.

Andrei Kirillovich, Director of the RSCC Department of Integration Services and Comprehensive Projects, took part in the round table on arranging communications in the Arctic territories. A presentation was made to the attending delegations of the Arctic Council member countries featuring the main technical parameters and capabilities of the Express-RV system.

It was noted that the system will meet the current needs of potential users operating in the Arctic territories of Russia, the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Such users include icebreakers and other sea vessels operating in the Arctic waters along the Northern Sea Route, as well as various research expeditions, meteorological services, rescuer groups, and coastal services. In addition, the Russian satellite system will support broadband Internet access to transarctic flights of major airlines.

The RSCC-proposed Russian HEO Express-RV satellite communication system was highly acclaimed by the Arctic Council member countries. A number of them expressed interest in developing cooperation in this field.