At the largest Asia-Pacific ICT forum, CommunicAsia-2016, RSCC to present the most advanced Russian satellite solutions for data transmission and video services in Asia

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The exhibition will feature comprehensive solutions offered by RSCC, using its latest Express-AM series spacecraft.

RSCC will present its exhibit at the prime event in the field of information technologies and communications of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR), the CommunicAsia 2016 conference-exhibition, to be held from May 31 to June 3, 2016 in Singapore. Satellite communications play a particularly important role in this region because of a large number of remote and inaccessible settlements in its vast territory. RSCC operates here from the following six orbital positions: 40˚E, 53˚E, 80˚E, 96.5˚E, 103˚E, and 140˚E. Although settlements are being increasingly covered by fiber-optic lines, RSCC takes a positive view of satellite communication prospects in the Asia-Pacific Region, primarily in data services and maritime satellite applications.

The RSCC exhibit will feature comprehensive solutions for setting up TV and data transmission services in the APR based on the use of Russian spacecraft including Express-AM7, Express-AM6, Express-AM5, Express-AM33, Express-FX / AM3, and other satellites.

We invite you to visit the RSCC exhibit at the CommunicAsia 2016, Stand 1V1-07, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.