Konstantin Ernst, Director General of Channel One, has thanked RSCC for fruitful cooperation and contribution to the advancement of “Channel One. World Wide Web" project

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of “Channel One. World Wide Web”, Director General of Russian TV Channel One Konstantin Ernst expressed appreciation to the head of RSCC Yuri Prokhorov and the staff of the company for long-term fruitful cooperation and support of Channel One’s ideas and initiatives, and for RSCC’s contribution to the advancement of the common cause.

For many years RSCC has provided reliable digital transmission of Channel One programs to all broadcasting zones of the Russian Federation and outside.

‘Channel One. World Wide Web”, a subsidiary of Channel One, successfully distributes adapted versions of Channel One in the neighboring countries and far beyond, as well as develops a package of thematic channels “Digital Telefamily”. Channel One's programs are available to viewers in the CIS and Baltic countries, Europe, Asia, America, the South Caucasus, the Middle East and Australia.