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Kamchatka Territory hosted Conference “Business Dialogue. Satellite Internet: Kamchatka”

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On August 29, 2018 the Kamchatka Territory hosted a regional conference “Business Dialogue. Satellite Internet: Kamchatka”. The event was set up in the format of a meeting of experts, the industry community and the media. The organizer was the state-owned satellite communications operator RSCC with the support of the Federal Communications Agency.

The conference was attended by top executives of such satellite operator companies as JSC KB Iskra, JSC Ka-Internet, and JSC RTComm.Ru that are implementing projects in Kamchatka. Also in attendance were representatives of companies producing satellite communications equipment.

The main topics of the event included the development prospects and advantages of using satellite broadband access in the Far East, as well as the implementation of promising projects and provision of satellite-based services to customers in the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Oleg Dukhovnitsky, head of Rossvyaz, sent a welcoming message to the conference participants, noting: "Today it is already impossible to imagine Russia’s economy without satellite communications. This is especially true in such hard-to-reach areas as the Kamchatka Territory, known for its natural, climatic and geographical specificity. The main task of the industry community, whose representatives gathered today to participate in the conference, is to make satellite communication a truly mass-based and accessible service that changes people's lives for the better, creating opportunities for business development and improving the competitiveness of our country."

Opening the conference, Ksenia Drozdova, RSCC Deputy Director General for Business Development, read out the welcome address of Oleg Dukhovnitsky. The plenary session was attended by Yevgeni Buydinov, RSCC Deputy Director General for Development and Operation of Communication Systems, who delivered a report on "Development of the RSCC Orbital Constellation. Elimination of digital inequality among Russia’s regions"; Andrey Romulov, Chairman of JSC Iskra Bank who spoke on "Implementation of the STRIZH Project in the Regions of the Far East. Solutions for Development of Digital Economy in the Regions"; Mikhail Mutterperl, Commercial Director of RTKomm.RU (the Rostelecom group of companies), who reported on "Development of the RTCOMM High-speed Satellite Internet Service"; and Sergey Pekhterev, the founder of Ka-Internet JSC, who spoke about " Communication Infrastructure Development using of Ka-band Technologies in Various Regions of Russia: Experience and Prospects of Development ".

As part of the session on "Satellite Technologies - Innovative Technical Solutions for Private Individuals, Government Agencies and Corporate Users", Mikhail Glinka, RSCC Director of the Department of Sales of Operator and Corporate Solutions, told the audience about the satellite high-speed access system and the advantages of the Ka-band. The conference participants discussed the development of satellite Internet services in the context of the growing needs of the digital economy of the Kamchatka Territory and the country at large.

This was the fourth regional conference in the series "Business Dialogue. Satellite Internet". Similar events, held in 2017 in Dubna, Krasnoyarsk / Zheleznogorsk and Khabarovsk, were successful and aroused great interest among the industry community.