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Kaliningrad Amber Combine to be monitored from outer space

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The Kaliningrad Amber Combine in conjunction with RSCC will install a satellite Ka-terminal in the Amber Combine territory to support high-bit rate data transmission and internet access. The use of up-to-date video monitoring and communications technologies will considerably enhance the efficiency of interior and exterior security arrangements on the sites for the extraction of Sun Stone, as amber it is popularly known. The project is being implemented in the Kaliningrad Region for the first time.

Agreement to this effect was reached during an official meeting between Mikhail Zatsepin, Acting Director-General of the Amber Combine, and the RSCC delegation headed by Evgeny Buidinov, RSCC Deputy Director-General for Innovations.

It is common knowledge that the most critical problem in the amber industry is illegal amber extraction. Causing harm to the environment and losses to the domestic economy, illegal extraction is a criminal offence. State-of-the-art management and monitoring technologies are expected to maximize security wherever amber is extracted, and considerably reduce illegal extraction.

According to Evgeny Buidinov, “The project, Centralized Monitoring of Remote Objects Using Satellite Technologies, combines a number of solutions for video-monitoring and telemetry data transmission with the existing RSCC satellite communications infrastructure. The technical solution for a monitoring and video surveillance system envisages the use of RSCC’s SW/HW complex with objects to be monitored being linked to such complex using any available communications link. Each object is outfitted with a controller that may accommodate various types of sensors, verification and actuating mechanisms, steerable and stationary video cameras. Telemetry and visual data from video cameras and sensors are transferred to the control server and made available for viewing by display devices in both real time and from the video archive. Also, the system has a protected Internet-access feature. This video monitoring system is also used at construction sites and for surveillance-based protection of various facilities. As an extra service, image-recognition apps can be used, for instance, for counting the number of incoming vehicles and their license plate numbers.”

There is no doubt that the residents of Yantarnyi, where the world’s only amber plant is located, are going to benefit tremendously from the planned arrangements. They will enjoy broadband internet access in Ka-band. The plan is for the satellite communications system to be made available across the entire territory of the Kaliningrad Region, thus becoming a multipurpose solution to reduce digital inequality.