Igor Chursin, Deputy-Chief of Rossvyaz, and Yuri Prokhorov, RSCC General Director, have spoken at Round Table on TV in 21st Century: Development and Competition between Traditional Broadcasting and Innovative Services

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They talked about the topmost role in the development of TV being played by satellite capability, and about new opportunities to be offered by the upcoming RSCC satellites for implementing up-to-date projects and interactive services in Russia. The event was part of the business program at CSTB-2014 exhibition/forum.

Speaking to the Round Table attendees, RSCC General Director Yuri Prokhorov noted that in our country “the task of providing a channel for delivering content to cable operators and on-air broadcasters, and, in the final analysis, to the population at large, may be successfully addressed only by using reliable modern satellites”. He told the audience that RSCC has begun implementing the final phase of Satellite Constellation Modernization, as a result of which the RSCC space fleet assets will be nearly completely replaced by the early 2015.

Yuri Prokhorov stressed that the new satellites will be used to provide digital broadcasting, including transmission of various levels of multiplexes and implementation of innovative projects throughout Russia. The capacity to be commissioned will create the environment to support realization of the market potential, including interactive multimedia services and retransmission of content in HD and Ultra HD formats.

The subject of the RSCC constellation potential for TV and radio broadcasting was further pursued in the Forum section on Satellites as Prime Solution to Signal Delivery by RSCC Deputy-General Director Ksenia Drozdova and Sergey Plotnikov, Ditector of Infocommunication Technologies and Multimedia Services.

RSCC also had a stand at the CSTB-2014 where the company specialists demonstrated the capabilities of the upcoming satellites in developing networks and implementing projects in telecommunications and broadcasting, including on the basis of Ka-Band, throughout the territory of Russia. The exhibit was set up jointly with the European operator Eutelsat.