Igor Chursin and Yuri Prokhorov took part in the scientific and technical council in Zheleznogorsk

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In Zheleznogorsk at the ISS Reshetnev JSC, a scientific and technical council was held with the participation of the Deputy Head of the Federal Communications Agency Igor Chursin, General Director of RSCC Yuri Prokhorov and the management of JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems.

The meetings examined the capabilities of ISS Reshetnev to create telecommunication spacecrafts in different types of orbits. In the reports of specialists, technical solutions for the development of satellites of fixed and mobile communications with channels in different frequency ranges were indicated.

In his speech, Igor Chursin emphasized that the creation of a system in a highly elliptical orbit will make it possible to provide broadband Internet access services with high quality everywhere, not only in stationary but also in mobile objects. “But most importantly, communication services will be provided in the Arctic region, which is a priority for the socio-economic development of our state, ”said Igor Chursin.

With the help of the new space system, it is planned to provide satellite communication services for residents of the Far North, those involved in the development of the Arctic shelf, international research expeditions, ships of the Northern Sea Route and aircraft of trans-polar airlines.

In addition, during the meeting, the parties discussed the current state of work on the creation of communication spacecraft for the spacecraft “Express-80” and “Express-103”, the tandem launch of which is scheduled for this spring, as well as the progress in manufacturing telecommunication satellites “Express- AMU3 ”and“ Express-AMU7 ”.